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>> Thursday, January 25, 2018

As I always say, I'm a work in progress. I write one day about spending too much at Aldi, and today I'm sharing my Target haul. Confused much? I know. Anyway, I did take some stuff back from Christmas time, which is where I got the funds. These weren't entirely random purchases. Or, rather, that's how I'm rationalizing these buys. I hadn't been to Target in a good three weeks, though. So, this is progress.

Here's what I got:

The total cost was right about $50.

Which includes $12 of toilet paper.

Not pictured.

MODO dough looks really cool. It was around $5.50 per 3-pack. I realize that's expensive, but I do have a plan and reason I bought these. I actually often make my own play-doh. I found a great recipe, but I haven't had the best containers. Anyway, I saw these and I think they'll be perfect for filling with homemade doh once this stuff dries out, which it always does eventually. So far, I really like this play-doh stuff, though.

I got a pack of Valentines for Ada to fill out for her classmates. I'm actually volunteering at her class party this year. Excited for that. Anyway, I was in the $1 spot, which has turned into the $3-$5 spot in my opinion. I ran into a woman who had just moved to this country and she asked me to explain the whole Valentines thing to her. We had a nice chat and both decided on these.

Also in the $1 spot, I picked up a package of felt dollars and cents ($3). I figure the kids can use it when they play with their play kitchen. They often set up a shelf area like it's a mini store. I am also working on teaching Ada about cash and the value of money. Plus, I am a sucker for anything made of felt.

I got Ada a proper doll hairbrush ($5). She's been needing one for a while so her American Girl doll doesn't look like a hot mess. I am planning to write up a post on American Girl on a budget. Is anyone interested? I scored Ada's doll very gently used on Ebay. I have a lot of other tips. I feel they are very high quality and worth it.

Love Terra animals. I got Eloise a bear because she loves the bear on the Kodiak Cakes box. Very much like the more expensive brand -- love the weight and detail on these. Eloise will carry a single one around with her all day.

I needed a new set of measuring spoons. I decided on KitchenAid self-leveling ones. Can't go wrong with that added feature.

And then I swung by the makeup area and found that my favorite brand of cosmetics, Soap + Glory, had some stuff on clearance. I picked up bronzer for less than $4! Here's What's in My Makeup Bag these days, if you're curious.

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