Tuesday Update Time

>> Tuesday, January 23, 2018

I tried capturing an update on Instagram yesterday, but my phone wouldn't save anything! Here's what I wanted to say. Also: Unrelated photo. I found this and my heart stopped. How is Eloise 19 months old?!

1 // I have made an appointment with a new OBGYN.

I finally did it. I didn't want to do it. But, still, yesterday I called to discuss fertility stuff. I need a renewed prescription for progesterone now that we've been TTC #3 for six months. But at this point, I may as well get my levels checked and possibly get an HSG. I also need to establish myself as a patient somewhere because my midwife left the area . . .  and there are no other midwives left in my old practice. And the OB I wanted to see there isn't accepting new patients. Stay tuned.

2 // Yoga has been EVERYTHING this month. 

I will be writing a separate post on this later in the week. I have stuck with going to classes three times each week. Tuesday is a flow class that's sort of an intermediate level. Thursday is a flow class that's more beginner, but the instructor offers lots of modifications to make it harder/easier depending on how I'm feeling. Sunday is a TOUGH flow class that I have a love/hate relationship with. I have to check my ego at the door. But I'm learning a lot and gaining many benefits from regular practice.

Since we're getting closer to the end of my $40 unlimited membership for this month, I'm trying to figure out what I'll continue. The Tuesday flow class is just $8, so I think that's the one I'll keep going to. The other ones are $12, and I'm considering just for February going to the Sunday class, making my total for each week $20. That feels like a splurge on myself, but in March . . . track season begins and it'll be mostly YouTube for several months.

3 // The SUN!

This winter has been cold, but it's been much sunnier than other years. This has had an impact on my mood. Or maybe the sun plus the yoga is really kicking the butt of that seasonal blah I get. Whatever the case is, I haven't felt the need to use my light therapy box. Feels good. Though, as I write this . . . we're getting tons of rain and it's all grey.

4 // The flu has me all paranoid. 

It's a long story, but I get my kids all vaccinations. No qualms about it. The flu shot always has me scratching my head. I ended up getting it this year in November. I had made appointments for the girls in October, but they each were on antibiotics when it was time to go. So, we waited till November. Everyone in our house was basically sick the entire month of November, so we had to reschedule again.

When the December appointment rolled around, a bunch of people in my life -- friends, family, news outlets, etc. -- including the nurse at my pediatrician office had me convinced the shot basically wasn't effective at all. It was dumb, but I decided to just say -- meh with it. Now I feel like the flu is everywhere and I've been incredibly irresponsible. I'm getting their flu shots tomorrow (late, I know -- won't kick in for two weeks and STILL may not ward off the worst of the flu) and in the meantime am looking for ways to boost immunity. I'm thinking elderberry syrup with zinc and vitamin C.

Any suggestions, especially for the toddler?

5 // What are your guilty pleasures?

Mine are:

American cheese pierogies
Any time alone in the bathroom, whether bathing or using the toilet
Not wearing a bra. Ever.
Almond butter mixed with coconut oil, cocoa powder, and some sugar
Watching YouTube of mid to late 20-something French models for beauty tips
Online shopping (but gotta kick that habit)
Facebook groups for frugality, non-consumerism, etc. (yes, I'm a complex piece of work)
Internet "stalking" random people just for fun
Browsing my phone in the shower because I won't be interrupted, see above

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