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>> Friday, January 12, 2018

I love peeking into the lives of others and seeing what they use for their everyday routines. As you know, I keep all my makeup in my rotating organizer. I do use most everything I have, but if I had to pick my 10 MVPs, for travel or something (what's that, again?), here's what I'd choose.

Note: I've provided the Amazon links here for reference. Some of them are good deals, but others are much cheaper at Target or Ulta.

// Neutrogena Hydro Boost Tint -- This foundation feels like a second skin. I haven't had any breakouts, and I think it has the perfect amount of coverage. A bit more than a sheer but not at all heavy like fuller-coverage varieties. #4 Nude works best for my skin tone.

// Soap + Glory Hocus Focus -- This overall illuminator is a game-changer for me. I mix it about half and half with my foundation, and it seriously mutes all my flaws, almost like an Instagram filter. A little goes a long way.

// Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer -- I'll occasionally use this liquid concealer instead of foundation, if I want a more natural look. It's light diffusing, complete coverage, and super light-weight. I use the color medium-light.

// Neutrogena Hydro Boost Concealer -- Again, this product is infused with hydrating hyaluronic acid and it goes on really smooth. It's also cost-friendly. Light works best for my complexion.

// NYX Eyebrow Pencils -- I have mentioned before that I have a touch of trichotillomania, where I rub and pull at my eyebrows. I have lots of weird bald patches as a result. I don't LOVE drawing in my eyebrows, especially so dark, but I feel self-conscious without doing so. Anyway, I've used lots of expensive pencils . . . but with how much I use, I've been loving NYX. I use all different ones in their collection and usually a blend medium and dark browns.

// Soap + Glory Sexy Mother Pucker -- My sister-in-law introduced me to this lip gloss. I love it. It's plumping, so there is a slight tingling, which is weird. But the SMELL! My absolute favorite color is Rose + Shine (very natural and light). If I'm going out, I'll use Plumsup for a bit darker color. Very sheer and shiny.

// Burt's Bees Peppermint Balm -- But my go-to for lips is simply the basic balm by Burt's Bees. I've been using it literally forever. It works far better than any other brand at keeping my lips soft and hydrated.

// NYX Illuminating Sticks -- I use these creams as blush and highlighter, if I'm feeling fancy. Just a bit of Pinkie Dust on the apples of my cheeks. Then Pearl Pink Lace in the corners of my eyes, cheekbone, etc. In general, I love NYX for trying new colors because it's inexpensive and good quality.

// Benefit They're Real Mascara -- This mascara is good at defining and building lashes. I can't say that it blows my mind, but I am always underwhelmed with mascaras. I would say it's my favorite in a long time. I also like Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.

// NYX Setting Spray (Dewy Finish) -- I'm new to setting sprays, but I picked this one up a few weeks ago at Target. I like it. It does set my makeup while giving me a more natural finish. It also just feels nice to spray on after application.

I'll share my favorite skincare products next week. I have quite a routine going these days, and my skin is looking amazing (at least for me). It's also nice to have a ritual at night and feel like I'm regularly taking time for self-care.

Have a great weekend! It's nearly 60 degrees here right now and is supposed to plummet to -15 this weekend. What in the world?!

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