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>> Friday, February 9, 2018

So many of you have asked me how Eloise's eating is these days. I wish I could say we've turned a corner. But, we've hit, like, an even higher peak of picky eating lately. It isn't all bad, but we're definitely in one of those periods of eating ONE big meal every few days and picking the rest of the time. So, it's not all bad . . . just inconsistent and frustrating.

I remember distinctly that she only ate the blueberries:

Despite all my efforts to cook and serve healthy, interesting, and tasty food . . . I have to remember that this phase isn't going to last forever. Or, as a couple of my friends tell me, maybe Eloise will always just be super incredibly picky and never grow out of it and always be super small and never grow much, etc.

Thanks, friends.
That helps.

Ada was also picky at this age, but it wasn't quite as frustrating. Some tricks worked with her. Like serving smoothies or pouches when she wouldn't eat solid foods. Heck, I could even puree up e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g she discarded on her plate and she'd suck it down. I even put scrambled eggs in one of my mixes -- and she didn't notice. Gross but it got the job done.

Ada also loved using the nibble tray. I'd section out different foods -- cheese, fruits, veggies, crackers, tofu, etc. -- and she'd graze for the whole morning to afternoon. I know some people are more for eating proper meals than snacking. I've tried both approaches and Ada's grazing periods were often temporary, punctuated by long stretches of actually eating meals regularly.

With Eloise, I have to take what I can get. The girl will literally starve herself. But at the same time, she'll also eat HUGE meals other days, so I don't think it's necessarily a feeding issue or sensory thing. Last night she ate two scrambled eggs with toast and anything else Stephen would throw at her. She hadn't touched eggs in months. And her preferences of some foods over others isn't consistent enough to pinpoint if anything isn't especially to her liking.

This sounds like a long rant about Eloise. It's not targeted resentment or anything like that. I am just updating to tell everyone that I offer healthy foods. I also offer toddler equivalent junk foods (Goldfish crackers, Nutrigrain bars, etc.). It doesn't seem to matter what it is, my girl is in a picky stage. She eats sometimes. Not others. The doctor isn't worried because she's maintaining her weight and even gaining ever so slightly. So, I'm forging ahead.

I've decided to really give the nibble tray another eager go because when I've tried to wait for proper meals, all hell breaks loose.

I have our old tray, but I cannot find its lid.

And so many of you have asked me where, oh, WHERE can you find this tray!?

Well, here. But it's discontinued and no longer carried by amazon.

Sad face.

So, I'm thinking of buying this oversized silicone ice cube tray that has a lid. It's a 2-pack (glorious!), so I figure I could load one for the morning and one for the afternoon. I like to do berries and peas and other things -- like Cheerios -- that are small and easy to grab.

(This method isn't magic. If you're curious, she only ate the peppers and one section of the Nutrigrain bar.)

PS: If you're interested in what I used to feed Ada -- also vegetarian -- when she was an older toddler/preschooler, check out this Ada's Eats posts with details on that.

Happy Friday!

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