Weekend Recap // Mother's Day, etc.

>> Monday, May 14, 2018

Hey, everyone!

Happy belated Mother's Day. 

It was a rainy and cold one here, but we packed in a lot of fun stuff this weekend. Stephen had three track meets last week. And Saturday was a long one in the rain. Poor guy. My parents actually came up on Saturday for the afternoon and took us out to eat at our favorite restaurant. It's my dad's birthday today, too, so there's lots to celebrate. I was bummed, though, because the only menu item they were out of was exactly what I planned to get (a quinoa burger). But I made up for it with a huge slice of vegan chocolate peanut butter pie.

Sunday morning we woke up, tossed on some clothes (nothing fancy -- it was laundry day), and drove down the street to our local diner. It's a good spot. Just basic food. We got there before the big rush, thank goodness. I got a chocolate Belgian waffle topped with whipped cream. And I think I ate it in two seconds flat. Ada had made me a little Mother's Day book at school as well as a last-minute hand-drawn card. Stephen also has a tradition of making silly cards using family photos. In mine, he gave me a coupon to take a spa day for myself next weekend.

He also got me tickets to go see A Quiet Place yesterday afternoon (so good). Going to the movies alone is my favorite thing to do since becoming a mom. It's dark, quiet (and THAT movie was INCREDIBLY quiet), and nobody is yelling for me or needing anything.


I also got a nice gift card from my in-laws for Ulta. So, I thought I'd share my Ulta haul. I know it's silly, but I've gotten in the habit of watching haul videos on YouTube. I love seeing what other people buy or use for different products. I'm not a real high-end type of person when it comes to personal care. In fact, I do still make some of my own bath and body stuff. As a result, I was able to get an impressive haul of things I'll be using for months to come.

Anyway, here's what I got:

Soap + Glory is my favorite. This shower gel and lotion set (with loofah) was on clearance for only $10. Score. They were also running a sale of buy 1/get one 40% off for the brand. So, I picked up another container of my favorite face cleansing milk (best smell ever) and my favorite lip gloss (in Rose & Shine).

I had originally planned to get my hair dyed professionally, but I'm going to go it on my own with this L'oreal box dye. I've used this kind a lot in the past with varying results. It's only hair. We'll see how my highlights turn out. I also picked up a hair oil spritz by OGX. It's super light weight and has organ oil. It also smells amazing.

Neutrogena's hyaluronic acid line (especially the foundation!) is doing great things for my skin. So, I picked up some of the Hydro Boost Skin Serum and the Hydro Boost Eye Gel-Cream. Other skin-care stuff I love is a face mist by Mario Badescu. And I couldn't resist getting a lip scrub that smells like my beloved mojitos. Gosh I miss those when the weather is hot.

Last but not least, I picked up some of my favorite NYX eyebrow pencils. I had been buying the Anastasia Brow Wiz for a long time. But I go through so much product, I needed to find a good + cheap alternative. I am really happy with NYX. And to round it out, I got a bath bomb for Ada that has a prize inside. Fun!

Happy Monday. I'll be back soon with more parenting stuff. You guys really liked my post about why I do the things the way I do with parenting. So, I'm hoping to write more around that topic. If you have questions or suggestions, send them my way!

(Note: I'm linking to Amazon because it's the easiest -- but check local stores for better prices. Some of these prices are great and some of them are not. Buyer beware!)

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