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>> Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Hey, guys! I'm popping in quickly today to share a post about skin care. This post is not sponsored, but I was sent some neat skincare items to try and give my real opinions on. I don't normally do review posts anymore, but when I was contacted by a long-time reader (Michelle) about her company's (Spa Technologies) products -- it felt like a good fit.

As you know, I try to do things naturally in many regards in our family. This goes with cleaning supplies for both the home and body, kids, etc. Spa Technologies makes high quality skincare products from organically sourced seaweeds and botanicals. It's been doing so since 1991. The products are also all paraffin and sulfate free, so you can see why this is right up my alley.

What I tried:

Revitalizing Sea Cleanse -- deeply cleans pores and is made of organic Laminaria Algae. Good for oily skin like mine. Smells amazing.

Micro Pearl Exfoliator -- dermabrasion with micro pearl particles, pumice, and bamboo. This was my favorite product of all. You only need to use it a couple times a week. Smells like citrus and peppermint.

Sea Clay Mask -- purifies pores and works against bacterial growth and sebum production. I used this once a week and the essential oils made my skin feel absolutely fresh and cleaned out.

Skin Calming Booster -- has concentrated omegas and liquid oxygen to soothe inflammation and sensitive skin. I also thought it was cool that it has probiotics and seaweed extracts to topically nourish the skin. I put this on before my moisturizer as an extra, well, boost.

pH Purifying Cream -- works to clear pores using salicylic acid and red clay. Also helps fight breakouts, which I'm prone to. Skin has a soft and matte finish that's a nice base for applying makeup (well, the little makeup I do wear).

I don't have dramatic before and after photos for you. That's because honestly, pregnancy is messing up my skin more than normal right now. But the changes I saw while using the products were subtle. I mean that in a good way, though. After using them, I did feel less irritation and my skin just felt really clean and fresh. It was also far less irritated than normal, and I credit that to the ingredients and to the specific formulas I tried which were chosen for me by Michelle.

I am basically giving myself a spa level facial throughout the week!

As you can imagine, with such quality ingredients and good sourcing practices, the products do come with a higher price tag than you might be used to if you shop the drug store on the regular. That's where I have trouble these days. I recognize that you get what you pay for in many regards, but budget constraints are real. I see Spa Technologies products in a luxury category for myself personally.

That said, I could see myself buying these products instead of getting facials at my local spa, which I tend to do twice a year as a gift to myself. It costs hundreds . . . but instead of putting all my eggs in one basket and getting pampered twice a year . . . I could keep the goodness going all the time.

Plus, I have tons of the products left after using them for a couple months. That's the benefit of more concentrated ingredients -- a little of the product goes a long way.


Overall, if you are looking for very naturally sourced skincare products that have a strong history, I recommend browsing around on Spa Technologies. Their laboratory is located in my home state of New York. Their products can be found in resort hotels and spas, medicinal spas, and certain retail boutiques. And also online, of course. If you are interested -- right now they're running a special with 30 percent off their enzyme and AHA perfecting masks.

Happy Wednesday! And thank you to Michelle for introducing me to these products!

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