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>> Monday, June 3, 2019

A lot of you have asked me where I get all my organization bins, boxes, etc. It's a mix of Target, Walmart, Aldi, IKEA, and Dollar Tree. But because we don't all have these stores in our area, I thought I'd get a source list going of the closest matches I can find online.

Toy Organization

  • 20-pack clear storage bins. At just about a dollar a piece, these are great for separating out different toys -- like figures, puzzles, play-doh, etc. We keep extra toys in these all sorted by type and pull them out as needed.
  • IKEA Sortera Bins are AMAZING. They may be my all-time favorite. We use them for block storage and for doll clothing and accessories. Very sturdy and stackable.
  • Woven Storage Baskets -- helpful for organizing markers, crayons, and other things you want to keep in an open-top container.
  • Tall Woven Storage Baskets -- same idea, just a taller option. 
  • Chalkboard Labels -- these are reusable and dishwasher safe. You can use them anywhere. I recommend getting a chalk pen/marker versus using chalk.

Clothing Organization

Refrigerator Organization

  • Slim Storage Trays -- long a skinny, perfect for cheese sticks, yogurt tubes, and other small snacks.
  • Rectangular Storage Trays -- helpful for hummus, guacamole, cheeses, and other medium-sized containers.
  • I also find it helpful to buy a bundle of different sized trays that can serve many purposes and be mixed/matched in different spaces. 
  • Fridge Storage Bundle -- this includes an egg holder, can holder, and four other trays that fit cup yogurts, fruits and veggies, and other things. I like that these are clear.
  • Flexible Storage Baskets -- I use these in my freezer mostly. Great way to organize bags of frozen veggies.

Pantry Organization

The Rest . . . 

  • Husky Heavy Duty Storage Shelving. This thing is huge and perfect for all our storage in the garage. We have 16 bins on it. I hear they also sell it at Costco.
  • I use these Large Flex Tubs all over the house -- currently in the linen closet to hold all our sheets and towels. We also have one in the garage for dirty bathing suits/towels in our pool area.
  • Similarly, these Bendy Bins flex and work well for multi-purposes. I use them for bath toys, Eden's bottles, and storage in Ada's room.
  • Dollar Tree Rectangular Bins -- you have to order a multi-color case online or go to the store and hope you can find WHITE or GREY. The BEST.
  • Dollar Tree Square Bins -- same idea. Use them anywhere.
  • And if I had more money, I'd love to have all wire storage baskets. They are so classic and clean looking.

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